Friday, June 12, 2009

Off to the Photographer!

After the Portland show, it was time to have photos taken of the new items we had completed.
DAN KVITKA is our photographer of choice. He's good; knows what he's doing, takes photos
so we can use them many ways, and we have a history with him. In his former life Dan was a world-class wood turner, and a friend.

Photos are the lifeblood of today's artists and craftspeople. We post our photos on our web page, on, send them to customers to use in advertising, for selling, and they are a must for applying to shows, submitting for publication. It is so nce to be able to call up a photo of something someone wants to see. The teal boxes shown, Limited Edition Toledo, are made with a handcrafted slumped glass handle. The box has been made from spalted maple that is infused with an acrylic and color. The blue box is the Beaver, another Limited Edition.

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