Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Table Coming.

Bill Bolstad likes to have a newly designed table each year for the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers/Northwest Fine Woodworkers Spring showcase. This year the show will be held April 30--May2 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. His planning and designing of a new table is underway. The other day I went into our kitchen, and he was playing around with large pieces of cardboard, taping them together. Before the night was over he had made a cardboard table. Not very sturdy, but it was his first concept of a new table.

Today once again he worked on it, this time adding dowels, asking for my input on the design. I liked the addition of the dowels, even looked up where he could get different sizes. I also convinced him to make the base out of walnut. (He was going to have it stained black.) The top is a one-of-a-kind piece of beautiful Spalted Maple. Now he's off to Home Depot to get some "practice" dowels to use in his planning. He is documenting all the steps in the design/building process. I will hopefully share some of his photos with you. (This is a big deal--I am the photographer in our .)eam, but he's giving it a try,

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