Saturday, August 2, 2008

THANKS, and I will be back--that's a warning!

I need to extend a "THANK YOU" to my pool pals. Their help, thoughts, and prayers have helped me get through the heart atack and its aftermath. Angie was responsible for getting me out of the pool when I didn't look so good. She and Louise were the ones who contacted Bill, went to the hospital, and then helped Bill get my car back home. (I think Angie really enjoyed driving the convertible!) Azhar and her husband Mike's thoughts were with me. They had a barbeque last weekend, and it was my first "social" outing. (It was nice to see everyone! Many from the Courthouse Athetic Club.) And Peggy Johnson found the time to send me several cards (along with many others, but she consistantly sent at least one per week).

Our many crafts friends also need to be thanked--Chuck and Mona Elkan sent beautiful flowers, as did Mitch and Sheryl Patton. I was so excited to get to use my new pen and pencil set from Mitch--my occupational therapist had me practice my writing, and I had new instruments made by Mitch to do it with.

There were several people who called and kept in touch with Bill while I was in the hospital. I don't know who all they were, but a bunch of guys from the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, our great friends Ned and Susan Landis, Doug Hively, Chuck Elkan, to mention just a few. And our neighbor, Peggy , who sent over supper for the "crew" who gathered.

To all of you--some un-named--a great big
(That's as big as Blogger lets me print!)
You don'tknow how pleased I am that I'm here to extend that.

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