Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer . . .

Where has the summer gone? I guess when you spend three weeks of it in the hospital, that would explain why June and July went by so fast!

Our days here are filled with lots of activities. I just finished designing, printing, mailing a newsletter to about 250 stores and galleries. It felt good to actually finish a real project again--there was a time when I wondered if I would ever do that again. Bill has finally been able to finish most of the tables he was working on. And then we have medical appointment--we try to reserve our late afternoons for them. For the next three weeks, I note that our calendar has 2 per week.

I am enjoying the fruits of Stephanie's (our daughter) labor. While I was in the hospital, she got my computer all set up with a new internet provider. We had been using a dial-up; it was so slow! But technology has found it's way to our part of the Valley, and we now have a satellite broadband. Music, videos, etc, come in great. Right now I'm listening to my favorite Portland radoio station "streaming".

The bookwork for Bolstad Boxes seems to be in pretty good shape. Once again, I have Steph to thank for doing the work for three weeks. It has paid off having our kids help us when they were younger. They can both pretty much remember how we do things, how we make things. Of course, they still show up at shows like BMAC in Philadelphia to help out.

Besides helping us, Erika and Stephanie lead very full lives. Stephanie takes wonderful care of Elliott and Jacques and tutors several students. She is expecting twins in December! Erika is a Washington DC correspondant for McClatchy newspapers, writing mainly for the Boice Idaho Statesman and the Ancorage Daily News. Both places have senators that create lots of news--and give her lots to write about. She is planning to take time out to visit us over Labor Day weekend!

Our grandson, Elliott, was here for three weeks too. While I didn't get to visit with him as much as his grandpa, BBB (for Big Bad Bill). This 2-1/2 year old increased his knowledge of woodworking and trucks on the road. He and his mama woud go on long walks (he was usually in the stroller) everyday. One of his favorite places was the "rain forest"--his name for the wooded area in the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge about a mile north of our house/workshop. But every evening he came to the hospital to see me and tell me about his adventures. He became so much more friendly towards me when I was no longer bed-ridden and had on clothes. The first time he came and I was sitting up in real clothes, he shouted out, "Are you better now?" Just seeing him made me feel better! Yesterday we "talked" via the computer, and the webcam. We had fun waving to each other, throwing kisses, etc. Need I say, I love playing Grandma!

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