Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Salem Art Fair

We start our summer "tour" this weekend with the hometown Salem Art Fair. This is the fair we have exhibited in the most, since it's near by. This year Bill gets to do it by himself. I am going to stay home and save up energy for Bellevue next weekend.

The Salem Art Fair has a wonderful location, Bush Park, under many majestic oak trees. For us, it is the only show we do that is truly outdoors. We're borrowing the white artisan tent; we got some cheapo waver board for the floor (need it to be level) and finished some tables and boxes. This is Salem's summer social event--everybody who is anybody volunteers in some way. I used to say I saw everyone I ever knew in Salem at the Art Fair. Just hope they're willing to part with some $$$ this year.

My favorite thing at the Salem Art Fair is when "the fat lady sings", or in this case, the bagpipe band marches through the park squealing away at 5 pm Sunday. It means its all over for another year.

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