Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Retail Side of Business

Our summer of retail shows has arrived. Last summer we decided to apply to one retail show--and that later translated into four. We are scheduled to take part in the Salem Art Fair, Bellevue ArtFair, and San Francisco ACC. We are on the waiting list for Art in the Pearl. This will be augmented by a week in Montana visiting family, with both daughters coming . The nice part--Erika is going to meet us in Bellevue, help with the show, then ride to Kalispell with us. Steph, Jacques and the three grandkids are going to Montana for a reunion of Steph's sorority, then driving up to Kalispell. We are excited about seeing Elliott, Amelia and Samone. The girls are just starting to crawl.

Bill is busy getting new work for Bellevue and San Francisco. We had planned to have several bright colored tables, but . . . they all were sold at our Las Vegas show, so he is making all new ones. On Monday we picked up our wood that had been infused. He is currently cutting out tables and has several commissions to finish up also.

The Salem Art Fair is the first. While it is pretty close by, I am not going to go to it; Bill will handle it himself. I will stay home and store up energy for the next week in Bellevue and trip to Montana. San Francisco is two weeks later; we will have time to come home and wash our clothes before we are off again. So lots of things to look forward to in the next 6 weeks.

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